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1. Identifying the Opportunity

  • Background: The founders, Christine and Peter Burrows, have had successful careers in corporate America. After years of playing pickleball, they saw firsthand how the sport brought people together, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition.
  • Eureka Moment: During a casual weekend pickleball game, Christine noticed how the sport naturally broke down barriers and encouraged collaboration among diverse groups of people. The idea to merge their professional expertise and passion for pickleball into a business was born.
  • The Name: The business was named Pickleball Corporate (team)Building, or PB-CB, because that was exactly what they wanted to provide to people—fun play, opportunity to bond with their teammates, and focus on personal development enabling a better business team. PB & CB are also the founders’ initials!

2. Building the Business

  • Founding the Company: In 2023, they founded PB-CB with a clear vision to revolutionize corporate team-building events, leadership development, and networking by bringing it to the pickleball court.
  • PB-CB Offerings: Christine’s background in education and coaching was extremely useful in crafting their curriculum and offerings. Whether you’re looking for a personalized teambuilding experience, leadership development, or a round robin pickleball tournament among other professionals, PB-CB has what you need.
  • Training, Equipment, and Location: They’ve invested in pickleball equipment and trained a team of professional coaches who shared their passion and vision. They also have partnerships so they can provide courts for play or they can come to you wherever you are.

3. Launch and Vision

  • Marketing Strategy: Leveraging social media, corporate networks, and word-of-mouth, they’ve quickly gained traction. They’ve highlighted the benefits of pickleball as a low-impact, inclusive sport that promotes teamwork, strength-building, and
  • Future Plans: Looking ahead, Christine and Peter aim to grow their affiliate program, allowing other passionate individuals to bring PB-CB to their courts nationwide. They also plan to continue providing their unique, fun offerings to whoever is interested.